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About Us

Officially launched in 2017, RL Beauty London is a UK based eyelash brand that specialises in Luxury lashes. In 2021 we decided that we wanted to bring our online present into a shop front and that when the Parlour was born.

We originally started off only offering beauty treatments but quickly grew into a Beauty, Aesthetic and Skincare clinic. We pride ourselves in offering safe, ethical, and effective treatments. We specialise in facial harmonisation using dermal filler and Acne Treatments. Our staff are continually improving their skills through training and personal development to ensure we are always offering the best service to our clients.

If you’re the party doll who loves to have a great time BE SASHA

The glamourous doll who loves to get dressed up and look pretty BE ROXANNE

The Instagram famous doll who everyone wants a picture with BE SKYLAR

The buji babe who loves wearing expensive things BE SAPPHIRE

The career doll who works a 9-5 she’s always on the go BE TIFFANY

Whatever the occasion or whoever you want to be today we’ve got the look for you