Fat Dissolve

Fat Dissolve

AQUALYX can be used to treat stubborn fat pockets in a number of areas, including the hips, thighs and knees, the area underneath the buttocks, the stomach and back and the chin and the area underneath the chin.

It is used to treat pockets of fat that are difficult to remove through diet and exercise alone. Aqualyx is not a weight loss solution.


Fat dissolving
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Yes, we leave enough time for treatment and the consultation on the same day.

The cost does depend on your desired results. We carry out a thorough consultation to ensure we understand your requirements and manage any expectations on what is achievable with aesthetics. Guide price is here.

We will be open and honest and let you know exactly how many sessions are required to achieve your desired results once you’ve attended your consultation. The sessions are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. Most people see results after just one session.

Aqualx fat dissolve treatment is a very safe procedure and it has been used to treat unwanted fat for many years. The fat dissolve solution is injected in the area, we can use numbing creme if you’d prefer, but many don’t experience any pain during the treatment. Our Aestheticians are very fast and the procedure is over within about 5 mins. Cold compress is then applied to treatment area and you are free to go home or carry on your day. Aftercare provided.

Yes, once the fat has been dissolved it is gone permanently. Healthy lifestyle should be maintained to preserve results.

Small areas are generally double chin – £100/session
Medium area is area no bigger than bingo wings – £150/session
Large area is stomach area –

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Yes we accept credit and debit card and AMEX.
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